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A stylist to perfection has died.

On 10 April 2022 our dearest Wil passed away far too soon at the age of 77.

The past few years Wil worked very hard with love and
devotion to create a fantastic place where family and friends can come together and enjoy all the beauty and good things Brittany has to offer.

Her creativity, perseverance, eye for beauty and detail has made
La Colline des Renards the inspiring place it is now. We had really wanted her to be able to enjoy this for many years to come.

Cooking was one of her great talents and became a profession here. Guests, friends and family enthusiastically joined us at the table and spoke highly of the delicious dinners they had been served.

The atmosphere, the house and the garden will never be the same again.

We will miss her inspiring soul, her loving care and the wonderful smells coming from her kitchen.


We will miss Wil so much.


Emile, Natascha, Eva, Lot Oscar, Anke, Jikke

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