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Surroundings la Colline des Renards:


Huelgoat is within cycling distance (4.7 km) away from us. Huelgoat has a beautiful lake in the middle of the city and there are many different hiketrails from there in the woods between Huelgoat and Locmaria Berrien.

Don't forget to go to the enchantingly beautiful forest of Huelgoat.

Mont d'Areé: a wonderfully beautiful landscape with various hiking and mountain biking trails.
At the highest point of Mont d'Areé stands the small chapel: Mont Saint Michel

Carhaix Plouguer is a province city with many facilities, of course the music festival: "Le festival des Vieilles Charrues". The swimming paradise: "Plijadour", with indoor and outdoor facilities, also climbing park   KaraezAdrenaline is a nice family place to go to.

Vorgium: ancient roman excavation.

Morlaix lies on the coast, has a beautiful old center with a large market on Saturday.

Further north of Morlaix are several beaches where it is generally nice and quiet. For those who prefer a lake, Lac du Drennec is a beautiful place 28 km away.

Near by Morlaix: Cairn de Barnenez, tombs of up to 4500 years old on a peninsula with a great view all around.

adres: Cairn de Barnenez
29252 Plouezoc'h


A little further away (± 60km) lies Quimper.

Quimper has a number of beautiful museums and a beautiful old town. Quimper is located on the south coast of Brittany

Museums Quimper:

Musée départemental Breton:


Musée des beaux-arts Quimper:


La Vallee des Saints

We have free Bikes for You, if available.

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